Welcome to


o n e  s t o p  t e x t i l e  &  a p p a r e l  s o l u t i o n

Welcome to Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Limited, a matured apparel producing unit of Noman Group.As a major  fabric  & home textile  manufacturing group of the country, we felt the need of a finished garment producing concern to provide for our valuable customers .

Now, Z&Z is fully equipped, with the strongest backward linkage facility, to support every garments need of  a  customer- from  raw  cotton to  the  finely finished garment.  I believe our   customers will take   full  advantage  of  this  vertically integrated production facility.

We set  environmental protection as our  major  priority. We strive even  harder to keep  a  better social  environment for  our  valuable workforce. Employees are treated as member of an extended family, and  our initiatives are  supporting this motive.

Zaber & Zubair  is now  completely ready  for customers around the  world, with renewed vigor, enough capacity & adequate human resource